An all-consuming
Ravenous maw bites down hard
Severing your soul.



Tomorrow came, became today
The skies a dreary, lifeless grey
Heartbreak and misery now hold sway
Happiness having long since gone away

But to ourselves we must hold true
We have to do what we must do
Stand together for me and you
In the belief that hope will see us through





Voices talk so much.
Little meaning in what's said.
Silence is preferred.



A solitary path
walked throughout life
is not lonely.

For there are many others
who walk with you.

Emotions ebb and flow,
sanity comes and goes,
yet the #poet can see
that life is the ocean on which we all sail.

To one and all of life's mariners
I wish you "Bon Voyage".

Solitary Path Audio File





Well-worn, dirty shoes discarded by the wayside.
Thin soles, patched and holed, tell of much walking over rough terrain.
Ever silent witnesses to a lifetime of hardship, constant journeying, and a search for a place to rest.

I wonder.

Did the wearer find their place?

Thank you to @PoeticPiercing for suggesting the title.

Homeless Audio File

BITCH (#SatSplat)

Within or without?
What dost thy spirit seek?
Should it cleave to my heart, bereft of life would I be.
For cold is the stone within thy breast and razor-edged thy tongue.
Sallow skin and scarlet lips speak only of thine vanity.
Thou art not for me, nor wished upon mine enemy.

Bitch Audio File





Carry a light with you at all times, my pretties, for without that brightness the shadows will gather and darken, causing lost souls to malinger in search of hapless victims such as yourselves.
Don't trust to hope should the light go out, for there is none in the dark.

My Pretties Audio File


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