Front cover of The Awakening

The Awakening

SciFi novel written for NaNoWriMo 2016.
The first manned mission to mars suffers an accident. Despite the accident the crew return home as heros.

But they are not alone.


Sergeant Ulysses (Jacko) Jackson becomes aware of a hidden menace out in no-man’s-land and the evidence leads him to an unbelieveable conclusion.
The ’real’ war has already ended.


Front cover of Playground


Front cover of Exodus



A SciFi tale of an individual whose exile is to take place in a delapidated copy of the original domed city in which he was born. In a city beneath the city he finds he has the freedom to discover the truth behind the creation of the domed cities.

Colosseum Survivor

A historical fantasy that was drafted over a period of five months on Twitter. One tweet a day for that period produced this rather entertaining tale of a survivor of the gladiatorial battles in the Colosseum.


Front cover of Colosseum Survivor


Front cover of Homelands



My first efforts at writing, which turned into a fantasy series with rural origins that carries the protagonist into adventures of national, global and galactic proportions.

Far Shores

The second book from my first efforts at writing. A nation has been founded but the threat remains. Now he must travel the world to seek out the enemy.


Front cover of Far Shores


Front cover of Paladin



A Twitter thread that lasted a good while and accumulated quite a following. A grandfather defends his grandson from evil, knowing only too well the reason behind their attack. It is the curse of anyone who is elevated to be a Paladin.


A story thread created in response to the challenge of combining three prompts. It had to be a murder mystery, a fantasy and it had to have an overall arc of survival. Suffice to say I met the challenge and produced Walker.


Front cover of Walker


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