Front cover of RESURRECTION


"Another great book from my new favourite author"


Front cover of RENEGADE

Book 1 in the COMMONWEALTH series

Orphaned when his father was lost on a mission on an experimental spacecraft, and his mother committed suicide; Tommy's looking for a better life. If he can produce something unique and saleable his future would be assured.

But to achieve that he has to steal from the military.

That might have worked if he hadn't been shanghaied by a blob of escaped A.I. that needed Tommy's help to escape from the military.

The only way out?

The salvage vessel RESURRECTION.

"Escapism at it's best. I'm not usually drawn to this genre but the writing style and the feeling you get that the author has really enjoyed writing it just seems to work. Can't wait to see what happens in the second book of the series."
Book 2 in the COMMONWEALTH series

Being on the run is fun, for a while. You've got to fend for yourself and search out the resources you need.

Okeanos, the water planet, is a wonderful place for doing that.

The long abandoned Ocean Mining Facility Charybdis - the size of a floating city - probably has some rare metals left in her filtration systems.

It's hard work, but worth it, right up to the moment you've got to make a hasty retreat.

Then you pray every bit of equipment is working otherwise it's not worth being a RENEGADE.


Front cover of RETRIBUTION


Front cover of REVELATIONS


Front cover of RESOLUTION

Book 3 in the COMMONWEALTH series

What with being pursued by the colonel who is the head of the research division of the Galactic Corporate, and having to scavenge everything you need, you find out those mad, bad metal murderers are planning on multiplying!

It's time to hunt them down for a change and stop them from creating progeny capable of wreaking havoc on space faring vessels.

The first challenge is to find the nest before setting about removing it from existence.

It's cool to deliver some RETRIBUTION.

Book 4 in the COMMONWEALTH series

It's not as if life isn't complicated enough, but what is Tommy to do when he discovers personal secrets, and mysteries of the past?

Some discoveries are trivial, maybe even a little funny.

Others reach deep into his soul and force him to visit a past of clouded memories.

Painful memories of a child that helplessly witnessed the suicide of his mother.

What he ultimately discovers is heart-breaking for the former orphan experiencing those REVELATIONS.

Book 5 in the COMMONWEALTH series

Problems, problem, problems.
Personl, private or public they all require so much time and effort, and they won't go away on their own. They'll pursue Tommy to the ends of the galaxy until there is nowhere left to run.

The biggest problem, Colonel Sullivan, comes to gloat. Tommy is faced with sacrificing a friend or risk the destruction of the destruction of the Resurrection with a total loss of hands.

It is hard work having to think through the possibilities is search of a suitable RESOLUTION.


Front cover of RESISTANCE


That's not the end


The WARLORD Series is coming.



Front cover of REBELLION

Book 6 in the COMMONWEALTH series

Efforts, that began after the destruction of New Caledonia, are going to waste.

Guerilla tactics, hit and run, ship-to-ship combat occurs often, with losses on both sides.

Unfortunately, there are other factors that cause a resistance movement to falter and fail.

It becomes necessary to step up the attacks to a higher, more costly level and confront the enemy as they have never been confronted before.

Propaganda campaigns, along with witness statements aid the resistance movement in taking the next step.

Book 7 in the COMMONWEALTH series

The Galactic Corporate is in retreat, and their fleets are recalled to defend the planets of the fifteen Directorates.

Some capitulate without loss of life, and others watch to see which path is most appropriate for their survival.

Not all Galactic Corporate personnel are fanatical about fighting to the end. Many are hooked on "Death Wish" which makes rational soldiers into die-hard fanatics determined to achieve victory at any price.

Blockades contain the fleets, and they have to confront any who try to escape.


Front cover of A Fool's Errand


A medieval fantasy with a fool, Lords and Ladies, knights, an empire, a siege, nightmarish tests, mythical monsters and... a donkey!


Front cover of Neither Here, Nor There

Entertainer for the house of Wykenham in the Maltorreth watch, Jerome is a humble, yet noble, personage whose life is thrown into disarray when the outlawed Southern Lords form an alliance and lay siege to the Watch.

His Lord bids him undertake a mission to pass word to the other Watches that defend the Dorayan empire.

Little does Jerome know that his mission is expected to fail and it is hoped the Watchlord's ring will fall into enemy hands.

But not knowing this, Jerome pursues his quest with vigour. He faces treacherous knights, trials that lead to encounters with spectres, witches and monsters.

But will he succeed and save the empire?


A modern-day, life-after-death adventure featuring a dog who can talk, an escaped bad-boy from the 'downstairs' department, a bunch of bikers, a pretty woman and the Adjudicator. There's something for everyone in this fast-paced tale!


Billy's late for work and so he rushes across the road without looking and...

Then he's sitting in a waiting room to find out if he's going to be sent upstairs to the land of harps and wings, or downstairs to an eternity of stoking the furnaces.

Imagine his surprise when he's not sent up, or down.

Instead he gets sent back and embarks on a fast-paced, action-packed supernatural adventure chasing down a 'bad boy'.

Oh, and he ends up having a partner. A dog... with attitude and a wicked sense of humour.

Action, humour, a hint of romance, all go into the tale of Billy discovering why sometimes it's... Neither Here, Nor There.


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